• How to create SharePoint custom property ?

    1. Navigate to SharePoint admin center using the below link


      SharePoint Admin

    2. Go to SharePoint Admin > User Profiles > Manage User Properties.

      Manage User Property

    3. Click on New Property to create a new property.

      Manage User Profile

      Custom Property

      Policy Setting

    4. Go to SharePoint >Admin > User Profiles. Click on the Open button. Now click on the Manage User Profiles.

      SharePoint Admin

      Manager User Profiles

    5. Update profile for one user.

      Update User Profiles

      Save and Close

    6. Go to SharePoint Admin > Search > Manage search schema > Crawled Properties.

      Crawled Property

    7. Please wait until the new property shows up. This may take a little while (anything from 15 mins to 4 hours).

    8. Go to SharePoint Admin > Search > Manage Search Schema > Manage Properties. Create a new managed Properties with the following settings:

      The type of information in this property:Text. Select the check box Searchable, Queryable, Retrievable .


    9. Click Advanced Searchable Settings and select PeopleIdx in the popup window.

      Advance Setting


    10. Click the blue button Add a Mapping.

      Add a Mapping

    11. Find the crawled property that we created.


      Filter Property