360 Feedback

In 360 Feedback, the user can request feedback from the Admin, HR, and Manager and can also receive the request and perform an action on it. It is individual from the appraisal cycle.

  1. Recieved
  2. Given
  3. Action
  4. Feedback Request

Feedback Request

In the Feedback Request, if you want your feedback from anyone then you can click on the Request button.

Feedback Request

After clicking on the request button it will open a panel and in this panel select people as you want your feedback.

Submit request

After clicking on the submit button, in the feedback request to whom we have sent the request for feedback, its details will be shown as shown in the image below.

Request added


In the received user can check whether his feedback request has been received or not and by whom. The details of the person by whom the request has been received will be shown here as shown in the image below.

Feedback Received


In the given, the user can check whether he has received any request for the feeder or not. If the user has received a request for feedback, it will be shown here as shown in the image.



In action, the user can act on someone's feedback request. Here the user will be shown the details of the person who has requested the user for feedback. After clicking the edit icon user can act on the feedback request.

Request action

After clicking on the edit icon a given feedback panel will open in which the user will give feedback and submit that form after that his feedback-giving process will be finished as shown in the below image.

Feedback form