Time off Manager Software/Leave management System helps track leave requests, approvals, and leave balances of the employees of any organization, be it small or big. It can be easily integrated with cloud solutions such as payroll on the cloud & the time and attendance system. HR 365 leave management software does not require additional infrastructure. This Office 365 leave management system gives not only the latest UI but the best leave management software experience.

    Importance of Roles:

      Following are the different types of roles in Time off Manager.
    1. Admin:
      1. Admins have full control, they can add users, organizations, and office location.
      2. Can add Public/Government holidays, Restricted holidays.
      3. Can be able to add leave types and number of leave for different leaves.
      4. Can be able to change settings of the application.
      5. Admin cannot be able to approve other manager employee’s leave request.

    2. HR:
      1. Can approve leaves when second level approval is required from HR. It can be done through email or HR action option in the portal.
      2. Can apply leaves on behalf of other users.
      3. Can approve their employees leaves from Manager action in home page and from email notification.
      4. HR can approve leaves on behalf of managers incase he/she delegated from both email notification and Time off manager portal from HR action option.
      5. Can add public holidays.
      6. Can able to view and generates leave reports.

    3. Manager:
      1. A Manager can approve leave requests of his/her employees only.
      2. Can approve leave requests as delegated managers from email notification in case if Admin or HR has delegated.
      3. Can add and approve comp off requests.

    4. User
      1. Can only send the leave request.

    5. No Access:
      1. The person with no access role cannot access the application. User can request the access; admin will receive the email notification and can provide access.