Installation of applications from app catalog

  1. Go to the apps catalog page from the below URL format and click on classic experience options.

    Details tmp

  2. Click on App Catalog as shown in below.

  3. App catalog

  4. Click on App for SharePoint as shown in below.

  5. App for sharepoint

  6. This displays the Apps for SharePoint page.

  7. Click on upload, choose your file and upload the file.

  8. Upload

    Choose file

    Installation of App file

  9. First open your site collection where you need to install your app, click on site content and then click on Settings gear icon.

    Site collection

  10. You can either click on Add an app or App under New.

    Add app

  11. This displays the SharePoint apps page.

    Sharepoint apps

  12. You will navigate to the page where ADD is visible as shown in below, click on it.

    Time off manager

  13. And finally click on Trust it, application starts installing.

    Trust it

  14. Once application got installed you can check in Site contents.

    App installed