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Add Icon: Click on Add Icon, it would open an apply leave from, users could request the leave.

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Click on Submit button for apply to leave.

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My leaves
Home page

  • Leave Status: Leave status show remaining leaves. Admin or HR can enable leave status for leaves from Leave settings through navigation panel.

  • All: Status of all leaves are displayed.

  • Draft: Saved leaves would be displayed; users could edit and submit in future.

  • Pending: Users pending leaves are displayed.

  • Rejected: User would be able to see their rejected leaves.

  • Approved: User can view their approved leaves.

  • Cancelled: User can view their cancelled leaves.

Manger actions

This section is visible only for admins and managers, from where leave can be approved or rejected.

Manager actions

  • Leave Status: On top, you could see the number of leaves that are remaining.

  • Approve leave: Approve leave shows in manager action section from where manager can reject or approve leave requests (one at go).

  • Bulk Approval: Bulk approval shows in manager action section, manager may reject or approve multiple leave requests at a time.

  • Cancellation: Managers would be able to see all the cancelled leave requests of their employees and could approve or reject them.

  • Comp off(off in lieu): Managers would be able to see all add comp off requests of their employees and could either approve or reject them.

Bulk approval page

Click on the Bulk Approval tab, it will show all the leaves applied by users. Select the multiple checkboxes and click on Approve or Reject button.

Bulk approval

Leave Request:

All the leaves that are pending would be displayed here until they are approve. Manager could also take action for multiple types of leaves.

Leave request

Comp Off Request:

In this section, all add comp off leave requests made by the user are displayed to the manager and manager could bulk approve or reject them.

Once add comp leave request is approved, user would gain the comp off in lieu and they can utilise them for future. Add comp off leave is only one level approval.

Comp off

Leave cancellation:

Manager could view leave cancellation requests of their employees and may approve or reject them. The employee can request the leave cancellation for approved leave dates that are passed.

Leave cancellation

New Request:

One can apply for a leave by clicking on new request button.


In this calendar, leaves are displayed. Weekends in green color, public holidays in orange color, and your and other users of your department leaves(applied and approved leaves) in blue color.

New request

  1. Leave tabs: Select the leave type and enter the required details like title for the leave, start date, end date, and notes to the approver.
  2. You can also view information like total leaves this year, leave entitlement, leaves used, leaves remaining, and the number of days you are applying for leave.
  3. Additional Approvers: This would display only when the admin has enabled (from advance settings). User could add additional approver (in additional approvers dropdown all managers roles persons show).

Comp Off Leave:

User could specify the number of days between Comp off leaves that may be taken after the date you choose by using the Avail Comp off (off in lieu) Policy (in Days) option. Implement the Comp off (off in lieu) Policy (in Days).

Avail comp off

Applied comp off

Leave Recurrence:

Leave Recurrence icon will appear in the top right corner of the Apply Leaves panel . Now click on that icon.

Leave Recurrence

  1. There will be two choices displayed: Recurrence and One Time . Choose Recurrence from the available options .

    Select recurrence

  2. There are two types of recurrence leave you could apply for when you click on the Recurrence choice under Recurrence option :

    1. Weekly recurrence leave.
    2. Monthly recurrence leave.

    Recurrence type

  3. Weekly: The user can take a leave every week on the day he picks from the checked options.

    Weekly recurrence

    Click the Submit button after choosing the Start Date and End Date .

    Weekly submit

  4. Monthly : The user is allowed to take a vacation every month on whatever day they want throughout a calendar year.

    As illustrated below, there are two types of day selection:

    Monthly recurrence

    1. Select the first alternative from those listed below:


      Click the Submit button after choosing the Start Date and End Date .

      Click submit

    2. Select the second alternative from those listed below:

      Monthly second

      Choose an option from the dropdown menu below, such as First, Second, Third etc.

      Day dropdown

      Choose an option from the dropdown menu below, such as Mon, Tue, Wed etc.

      Drop select day

      Click the Submit button after choosing the Start Date and End Date .

      Submit monthly