• Azure API Configuration

      Global admin access is required for MS Intune integration. Incase the “ready to use” message does not show, please refresh the page and try again.

      1. Register app in azure portal with below link: https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/ActiveDirectoryMenuBlade/RegisteredApps

      2. Select App registrations.

      3. App register

      4. Click on New registration.

      5. New registration.png

      6. Provide suitable name in name box and click on Register button.

      7. register

      8. Click on Authentication from side panel, then on Add a platform button, Configuration platforms opens and select the single page application.

        In Redirect URIs, provide Asset Management application URL up to pages and add /Authenticating.aspx as shown in below and click on configure button.

        https://your tenant name-9adbe392.sharepoint.com/sites/Sitename/AMP/Pages/Authenticating.aspx


      9. Select the Access tokens & ID tokens and click on save icon.

      10. save

      11. Select overview from side navigation panel, copy application (client) ID & paste in Asset Management application in general settings, click on validate button, permission required pop up window appears select the check box and click on accept button.

        Once you see ready to use message, then click on Full Sync button to sync Intune assets or click on sync icon for software in home page to sync the licenses (software feature - you can enable from general settings).

        Note: In case if fails to connect, please refresh the browser and try again.

      12. overview