• Dashboard

      In dashboard there are four rows that contain graphs, tables etc. that we can hide or display from dashboard settings under settings from the side panel.

      Row 1

      Dashboard setting

      In this, we could display different types of status with numbers. We could also find the number of assets based on status as shown below. You can add other status as per your requirement from the status under administration from side panel.

      Row 2

      Row 2

      In this row you can find graphs for total assets, asset by department and assets by location.

      Total assets graph: Here you can find number of assets based on category and subcategory, just hover the mouse on graph it, shows number of assets.

      Assets by department: The assigned assets to groups will show assets number here.

      Assets by location: The assigned assets to locations will show assets number here.

      Row 3


      Assets Availability: In this table you can find the total number and available number of assets based on subcategory.

      Expiring Soon: In this calendar you can find the assets displayed on calendar according to date of expiry of the assets.

      Assets by Vendor: In this graph you can find number assets details based on vendor of the assets.

      Row 4


      Asset by status: In this graph find number of assets based of the status of the assets.

      Recent Activity: In this table you can find you recent activity for assigned and returned assets. The last assigned asset will display on the top. The last returned assets will display on the top of the table. You can check it by selecting from dropdown.