This Microsoft office 365 timesheet app, is a time tracking cloud application which is ideal for small to medium-sized and enterprise companies. With this the organizations can have detailed information on how much time is spent on tasks and what are they doing in the projects, which becomes a basis for billing the customers and streamline their operational productivity. Users can easily report time divided into the projects and activities that are registered and at the same time have an overview of the previously reported activities through this timesheet work time tracker. Since the timesheet can be viewed both on a daily and weekly basis, it is really simple for the user to get an overview of all time registered as a perfect time tracker for work hours. To top it, there are no worries of maintaining additional cloud, logins, credentials, and data security issues as it works on your Office 365; the data resides within your Office 365.

  • Manage & track projects virtually anywhere from timesheet plus.
  • No limit on number of projects or clients.
  • Timesheet stopwatch/timer.
  • Run real-time reports with download to Excel.
  • Auto approval of timesheet option.