Timesheet Classic

Frequently Asked Questions

An employee can get his task details in My Task tab.
  1. Go to Home page.
  2. Select My Tasks tab.
  3. Choose a task by selecting the checkbox for which you want to track the time and click on Track Time once you start the task. This task would be added in Daily Timesheet.
  4. Once you finish working on the task, click on Stop button. Total time worked on that task will be calculated and displayed.
  1. Go to Home page.
  2. Select Timesheet tab. Under that select Weekly Timesheet.
  3. Select the week for which you want to add your projects & task details and click on Add button.
  4. Select the Project, Task and Activity Type from the dropdown list and fill the time spent on a particular task for a selected week, which will automatically calculate the Total hours spent.
Yes, you can clone previous week’s timesheet to the new timesheet if you have worked on the same project & task.
  1. Go to Home page.
  2. Select Timesheets tab.
  3. Choose Clone Weekly Timesheet tab and then click on Clone button. Project will be added to your Weekly timesheet.
  4. You can mention the time spent for a particular task on each day of the week and click on Submit button.
  1. Yes. We can customize or add more leave types as per requirement.
  2. First go to “Leave Settings” tab and select “Leave Type” and add leave type as per your requirement.
  3. This leave type would be added in New request form while adding new leave request.
  1. Go to Home page.
  2. Select the Task tab.
  3. Once the pop-up opens, choose the Project, and enter the Task Name for the respective project.
  4. Then click on submit button. This task would be added into the task list which will fetch while entering your daily timesheet.
  1. Go to Reports tab and in the drop-down, select My Teams tab.
  2. Select the Team members tab. Here you can check your team members and their projects they are working on.
  1. Select the Assign Task tab.
  2. Once the pop-up opens, select the project name and task name and choose a person to whom you want to assign to and click on Submit.
  1. Select the Approval tab.
  2. Choose any one from the Daily or Weekly timesheet tab.
  3. Select a particular day or a week containing project and task details of the employee and click on Approve or Reject button.
No, only Admin has the right to access it.
  1. Go to Administrator tab, select Project.
  2. Once pop-up opens, fill all relevant details and Submit it.
  1. Go to Settings, Select Organisation tab.
  2. Once the pop-up opens, fill-in your organisation details and can add different branch locations also here.
  1. After logging into application, please click on Settings tab on the side-navigation.
  2. In Settings, choose the Pre-defined Themes or you can define your Custom-Themes.
  1. Go to Administrator tab, select Clients.
  2. Once pop-up opens, click on Add button.
  3. You can fill all the client details, and their contact details. If they have documents, you can also attach it.
  4. Once done, you can click on submit button.
A Project Observer can view all aspects of a Project. Observers cannot make any changes to the project. Project Observer is a read-only role.
No, we will not have access to any field from your tenant other than the app email id of the person who has installed the app. Incase of troubleshooting, we need to get on screen sharing to know the issue and provide resolution.