• How to pin Helpdesk 365 to all Microsoft Teams users ?

    As a Microsoft Teams admin you can pin applications that became available to all the users so when they open the application the app becomes immediately visible in the personal app bar.

    1. Start by opening the Microsoft Teams admin center – https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

    2. In the vertical menu click in Teams Apps and then Setup Policies.

      Setup Policies

    3. From the list of policies click in the Global policy to open it.

    4. Select the Helpdesk 365 and click Add.

      add app

    5. Once added to the list select the Helpdesk 365 and move it to the desired position.

    6. Click Save and repeat this process to all the setup policies where you want to pin the Helpdesk 365 by default. A modified setup policy can take a few hours to be propagated to all the users, if you don’t see it right away all you have to do is wait.

      App added