• Installation of Employee Directory 365 from Microsoft Teams

        1. Prerequisites:

        2. A global admin or SharePoint admin is capable of installing the application.
        3. The application's features function through APIs, and global admins have the authority to enable these APIs.
      1. Once the application has been deployed, choose it and select the Sync to Teams option from the files menu.

      2. Sync to teams

      3. Go to the Sharepoint site's side navigation and select Teams.

      4. site's side

      5. Teams will open and now click on Apps from side navigation. Click on the Employee Directory 365 application as shown below in the image.

      6. Click apps

      7. A dialog box will appear, select Add to a team from the dropdown.

      8. Add to team

      9. Employee Directory 365 will be available for the entire team,but start by setting it up in a channel.

      10. EDM channel

      11. Choose the channel for the application you wish to setup. After choosing a channel, click on Set Up a Tab button.

      12. EDM setup

      13. Now click on the Save button.

      14. EDM save

      15. Employee Directory 365 application will be added as a tab on the channel.

      16. Added as tab

      17. Alternatively, you may click the Plus icon as seen in the image below to add the application in another way. There will be a search bar where you can type Employee Directory 365 for searching it. Select the Employee Directory 365 application.

      18. Plus icon

        Plus icon

      19. Teams Personal App: Click on the three dots shown in the left pane. From here you can also add Employee Directory 365 as a Teams Personal App.

      20. Team personal app

        Side EDM added

  • Teams app permission policies

      1. Sign in to Teams admin center with the below URL.


      2. Microsoft Teams admin center

      3. Under Teams apps select the Permission policies.

      4. permission policies

      5. From the list of policies click on the Global policy to open it.

      6. global org

      7. Block all apps is the default choice in the dropdown menu for custom apps.

      8. custom apps

      9. Choose Allow specific apps and block all others from the dropdown menu by clicking it.

      10. allow all apps

      11. By selecting the Allow apps button, you may add other apps.

      12. allow apps

      13. Search for apps you want to add.

      14. Search app

      15. Click on the Add button.

      16. Add app

      17. Now click on the Allow button.

      18. Allow

      19. Choose that application, then click the Save button.

      20. Save

      21. When the pop-up appears, click on the Confirm button.

      22. Confirm