• To configure Upcoming Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

    1. Global admin or user admin can add guest users.
    2. Global admin or SharePoint admin can execute the PowerShell script.
    1. Enable the dashboard and the Upcoming Birthdays and Work Anniversaries feature from the settings.

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    3. Navigate to the home page and refresh it.

    4. Locate the dashboard icon now visible on the home page and click on it.

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    6. Access the settings.

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    8. Select the advanced options and click on update

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    10. Enter the username for the details you want to update. Choose the Date of Birth and Date of Joining, then click submit.
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    12. For bulk updates, download the provided sample file, and fill in the details following instructions.

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    14. After updating, return to the home page.

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    16. Click on Upcoming Birthdays and Work Anniversaries to view results.

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    18. Optionally, filter the upcoming events by configuring settings from Filter Upcoming Birthdays and Work Anniversaries.

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      Follow these steps for seamless configuration.