Employee Directory Classic

Frequently Asked Questions

To add custom fields. You can follow the below steps:
  • In the setting, go to the Advance tab.
  • Click on Action button of custom field row.
  • Click on +Add tab which navigate to add custom field page.
  • Select AD properties from select SPO/EXO User Profile Properties column, give property name and select property column type.
  • Click on Save button.
  • Enable the display status.
  • You have five options. you can sync employee profile images from:
  • SPO
  • Outlook
  • Delve
  • Azure AD
  • ED
  • Due to CORS, images is not appearing in the employee directory. You have to open outlook or delve into the same browser for one time.
    Yes, you can install an employee directory on different sites multiple times.
    To update application, see Upgrading.
    Yes. The application stores the data in special list.
    To add employee directory plus as a web part. You can follow the below steps:
  • Click on setting gear icon and then Add a page under settings panel.
  • Choose the Blank page and then click on Create page button.
  • Add Name, click on round plus icon and then search for Employee Directory Plus and click on it.
  • Click on Publish button.
  • The global admin can exclude shared mailbox users. To exclude, open the Exclude Options tab from the setting and add the email id or users.
    It takes 24 hours to get updated the user’s profile.
    Yes, upto seven level of an organization chart is visible.
    You can add only one custom field in Employee Directory Plus.
    No, we will not have access to any field from your tenant other than the app email id of the person who has installed the app. Incase of troubleshooting, we need to get on screen sharing to know the issue and provide resolution.