How to Update App


      1. A global admin or SharePoint admin is capable of installing the application.
      2. The application's features function through APIs, and global admins have the authority to enable these APIs.

    1. Go to  ""

    2. Upgrade

    3. Access the Microsoft admin center through the app launcher.

    4. Upgrade

    5. Access the navigation menu in the upper-left corner and then click on 'SharePoint.

    6. Upgrade

    7. In the SharePoint Admin Center, choose 'More features' and then click 'Open' under 'Apps'.

    8. Upgrade

    9. Select 'Classic experience' under 'Manage Apps'.

    10. Upgrade

    11. Please search for the app name as depicted in the image below.

    12. Upgrade

    13. First, select the app, then navigate to the "Go Files" section, and finally, click on "Upgrade Store App."

    14. Upgrade