Perform Update

    To update the application, you can follow the below steps:

    Only SharePoint admin can upgrade the application.

    1. Open the appcatalog page with the below URL.

      YourTenantName – Replace your tenant’s name from the above URL.


    2. Click on classic experience as shown below.

    3. App for sharepoint

    4. Select the Contract Management 365, click on Files and then Upgrade Store App.

    5. Upgrade

    6. Once you click on the Upgrade Store App button, this will redirect you to the below page then click on the Deploy button.

    7. Deploy

      If you want to make this application available for all sites, you can select the check box and then click on the Deploy button.

    8. You can verify the application version in the App Catalog and Employee Directory 365. In both, the application version must be the same.

    9. How to remove this solution available to all sites in the organization

      1. Now select the Contract Management 365, click on files and then the deploy icon.


      2. Now unselect the check box and finally click on deploy button.