From here you can customize the features of AM application.


    Depreciation Settings

    To Add Depreciation Settings Click on Configure.


    Click ok Add Button.


    Complete the columns and then save your changes by clicking the "Save" button.


    Configure Barcode Field(s)

    Here You can add Configure-Barcode-Field(s).

    Click on Configure to process continue.


    Select the field and click on Save icon.


    External User

    If you enabled it, you could add external user's or guest user's in the application and can assign them assets.

    external user

    Retain Asset's Last Location

    Upon enabling this feature, the user’s location would retain on available assets after returning the assets. You can see retained location in user location field of the assets.

    last location

    Assign Assets to Location

    If this is enabled, location option will display while assigning assets in pop up, from where you can assign assets to the location.

    assign location

    Assign Assets to Non M365 Users

    If this is enabled, assign assets to non M365 user's option will display while assigning assets in pop up, from where you can assign assets to non O365.

    Non M365 users

    Enable Software

    If this is enabled, software tabs on home page will display, one tab is used to sync O365 license ,and the other is used to add software manually along with assigning the asset to the users.


    Quick Action

    We can track the assets by scanning using a barcode-handled device with the quick action feature

    quick action

    Click the Quick Action tab ,also Assign and Return the asset respectively

    quick action

    GCC Tenant

    If your Microsoft 365 tenant is GCC (US Government Community Cloud), please enable this setting in order to make it work.

    quick action

    Camera Scanner

    Camera scanner tab is displayed on the home page from where you can scan the barcode of the assets in searching them.

    camera scanner

    Inventory Module

    If this is enabled, Inventory tabs will displays on the home page.


    Allow user to Request Inventory : with this, users could raise requests for Inventory items.

    request consumable

    Allow Shipping of Inventory : Enabling, users could request shipping of the consumable item.

    request consumable

    Inventory Module Title Text : From here you can rename module title.

    consumable title

    Maintenance Module

    If this is enabled, you can add maintenance frequency and maintenance due date while adding assets.


    Maintenance Module Title Text : From here you can rename module title.

    module title

    Advance Booking Filter(s) : The attributes you select here, only those will be available to the users for booking.

    module title

  • Category : Select the option from dropdown.

    module title

  • Sub Category : Select the option from dropdown.

    module title

  • Status : Select the option from dropdown.

    module title

  • Click on Save Button.

    module title

    Asset Acknowledgement

    If you type the acknowledgement text, user can see the acknowledgement page (the acknowledgement page link is available in the assigned email notification of the user).


    Create PDF of asset acknowledgment: When you enable this and set up power automate, pdf file would be created and stored in SP library moreover send it to user who has acknowledged the assets.

    Below mentioned is the URL where you can find pdf files


Migrate AMP to AM365 Click on Configure Button.


Here, You Can Import the file by simply click on upload Button.