From here you can Integrate helpdesk application with other application.



    Admin can add contact numbers (helpline numbers) of different departments or teams. The Users can find the contact number by clicking on the phone icon which is located on the right side of the home page.


    Helpdesk Mailbox

    From here you can provide access to view the ticket mailbox tab of the home page for the manager role person. You can add manager from users. You can delete the mailbox manager in case using the delete button in case you are to remove the access.


    If the Power automate flow is configured in your HR365 Helpdesk application with your support mailbox ID you will be able to send all the emails through power automate.

    1. Select Helpdesk Mailbox from the integrations section of the settings page. Now click on the configure button as shown below in the panel.

    Mail configure

    2. Turn on the toggle to enable the setting.

    Mail enable

    3. You will see one Message box.

    Mail dialog

    4. Press Ok to enable the setting.

    Enable Setting

    It would send all the emails through power automate or through
    Note: Please ensure that you have enough API call limits (usually you get 2000 calls including all operations in 24 hours)

    Mailbox Manager: This is an add-on role and it enables view 'ticket mailbox' tab on homepage.You can select manager from the mailbox manager dropdown.

    Mailbox Manager

    Integrate Asset Management Plus with Helpdesk Plus

    You can integrate the HR365 Asset Management application with the helpdesk plus application, make sure both applications should be installed in the same site location. Once you integrate you would find an assigned asset to the user on the comment page as shown below. Click on the ticket id on the home page to view the comment page.

    Integrate plus