In this, we can hide the search filter on the home page, grant the admin role to the user, do collaboration settings, upload company logo, language selection, update user's department, update users location, update users job title, and add custom links.


    Birthday and anniversary templates

    This feature enables the sending of email notifications to employees based on their birth or anniversary dates. To set up this configuration, please refer to the provided help document.

    Update users role


    If your organization uses a softphone, please choose either SIP or Tel protocol. Otherwise, you can utilize Microsoft Teams to make calls to employees.

    Update users role

    Employee info page

    You can define specific url in Azure AD extension attribute column, this setting will enable employee info page. Please refer here on how to setup up extension attributes

    Update users role

    GCC Tenant

    If your Microsoft 365 tenant is GCC (US Government Community Cloud), please ensure that the specific setting is enabled in order to ensure compatibility within the GCC environment.

    Update users role

    Filter Attributes

    You can choose from three filtering attributes:
  • Update Department
  • Update Job Title
  • Update Location

  • Update users role

    1. Update department: This configuration is employed for modifying the user's department.

    2. Update users role

      Update users role

    3. Update job title: This configuration is utilized for updating the user's job title.

    4. Update users role

      Update users role

    5. Update location: This setting is employed to modify the user's location..

    6. Update users role

      Update users role

    Hide Sharepoint Page's Default Components

    From here you can hide sharepoint page default Hide side navigation panel in SharePoint page: To Enable this toggle you can hide the navigation.

    Hide topbar in SharePoint page: To Enable this toggle you can hide the topbar in Sharepoint Page.

    Hide command bar in SharePoint page: To Enable this toggle you can hide Command bar from sharepoint page.

    Hide sharepoint comments wrapper: Enable this toggle will hide comments wrapper in sharepoint page where app is running.

    Hide webpart title in SharePoint page: Enable this toggle will remove the Webpart title.

    Custom css for webpart to remove spaces: Enable this toggle will remove space outside of Webpart.

    Make SharePoint page layout in full width: Make your SharePoint page width in full screen for larger resolution where app is running.

    Update users role

    Home page custom url

    In the custom URL section of the homepage, you can input the URL of your favorite website and navigate there with a single click.

    Update users role

    Language selection as browser default language

    By default, this feature is enabled. You can disable it from the toggle switch. If this is enabled, then the language will auto change to the language used in the browser. Employee Directory can work in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish as per your browser language.

    browser default

    Language selection

    From here you can change the language manually. Here the selected language will reflect for all users, even if the browser language is different. To enable Language selection, make sure that the Language selection as browser default language must be in disable condition.

    Language selection

    Map external list

    In the "Map External List," there is a toggle. By default, this toggle is switched off, signifying that the data originates from the internal list of non-Microsoft 365 (M365).

    Update users role

    When you activate the toggle, it will request input for two fields: "Enter Site URL": In this field, please input the URL of the external list. "Enter List Name": In this field, enter the list's name.
    Update users role

    Upon entering this information, selecting "Save" will trigger the appearance of a "Map Attribute Link (click here)." Clicking on this link will open a panel displaying the data sourced from the fields of the external list.

    Within this panel, specific fields are designated as mandatory. Only after completing these obligatory fields will the data be visible in the non-M365 view. If these necessary fields are left blank, please review the "Map Attribute Panel" to ensure all essential information is supplied.

    Update users role

    Organization chart type

    If your organization has 2000 employees or fewer, a complete org chart is readily accessible. However, Microsoft 365 imposes data limits on retrieving records in a single query. If you need to view the org chart for more than 2000 employees, please opt for the dynamic org chart option labeled 'Org Chart - Three Level.'

    Search filters

    Date of Joining type

    When this toggle is enabled, pull the date of joining from Azure. Otherwise, retrieve it from SharePoint Online.

    Search filters

    Organization name

    Please include your organization's name here. This will ensure accurate QR code generation and proper titling when printing the employee directory as a PDF.
    Update users role

    Records to load

    Load the number of profiles when the page refreshes or for the initial page load. Consider load times carefully when choosing higher numbers.
    Update users role

    Search filters

    Here you can hide or show the search filter and also reorder search filter on the home page. At least one filter is mandatory.

    Search filters

    Show or Hide modules

    To activate this toggle, you can display or conceal the dashboard and enable the feature to display upcoming birthdays. This will grant users the ability to print or export the directory.

    export directory