Home Page

In the Helpdesk application, the home page is the first page, where users can

  • Raise tickets for any service.
  • View the status of the tickets.
  • Reply to the service provider for any updates.
  • Edit the properties, view ticket history, and download the ticket details on the comment page.

  • Home

New Ticket

From here, users can raise tickets for any service. To raise tickets, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the New ticket on the Home page, this displays the new ticket page.

    New ticket

  2. Select Teams and enter the Title, Services and Ticket description.

    Ticket description

  3. Click on the Submit button. The user will receive a mail for the applied ticket.


My Ticket

From here, the user can view ticket details and recently raised tickets.

My ticket

Comment Page: Click the Ticket ID or Title to open the comment page. From here you can view comments on tickets, ticket properties, ticket history, etc. To reply on the comment page, click the reply button and write comments then finally, click on the update button.



Ticket History:On the comment page, you can view ticket history. To view, click on Click here on Ticket history


Ticket history