• Book Asset

      To book the assets, follow the below steps:

      1. Click on Book Asset tab.

        Book asset

      2. Click on Book Asset under Action column, this display pop-up.

        Action column

      3. Select the M365 User/Group, Project, Assign Date, Return Date

      4. If you enable Select Approvar to Book Assets from side panel under settings then, Select Approver option will show while booking asset.

        Select approver

      5. Finally, click on the Yes,book it! button.

      6. Booked asset will be displayed on Booking Details and Approve/Reject Assets page.



      For booked assets, assign will work automatically on assigned date in case only if power automate is setup in your tenant. Please contact HR365 to setup the power automate.

      Cancelling booked assets and Updating booked asset

      In case if you want to cancel the booked asset or to edit the booked assets, you can refer Booking Details.

      Detail book