1. Assign Assets: Assigning the asset to M365 user.

  2. Return Assets: Returning the asset.

  3. Book Assets: Booking of assets could be accomplished.

  4. Quick Action: We can easily Assign and Return the Asset.

  5. Softaware:Softwares could be added.

  6. Users: We Can Easily Access the Assets with User Name.

  7. Add Consumable Item: Consumable item could be added.

  8. Approve/Reject Assets: Approval or rejection of the booked assets could be done.

  9. Inventory Items: Details of the consumable items could be seen.

  10. Request Inentory Items: Here you could request Inventory items.

  11. Approve/Reject Inventory: Approval or rejection of the Invemtory items could be done.

    Home page

Camera Scanner

In the camera scanner, users can scan barcodes to obtain details about the assets.

  1. Tap the camera icon to proceed.

  2. Home page

  3. Scan the barcodes.

  4. Home page

  5. After scanning, users can view the details of assets as displayed in the image.

  6. Home page

  7. If the barcode is not available, an error message will be displayed.

  8. Home page