Users, Roles and Permissions

In this section, administrators can allocate roles to users and create teams

  • App Users

      You can create users and give roles as per your requirement. Here you can give Admin, HR, or User roles.

      Roles and permissions

      • Admin has full control.
      • Able to do all settings.

      • can add and manage users for application.
      • Can do Onboarding process activities.

      • can use only employee self-service portal.

      Add users

      1. Click on + Add, this displays Add page. Search the Name.
        Add users

      2. Select the role. You can select admin, HR, and user roles.

        Select role
        1. Admin
          Select role

        2. HR-Head
          Select role

        3. Manager and User Role
          Select role

        4. HR Executive
          Select role

      3. Click on Save button.


      4. The new user now reflects in the Users page.

        user page

      Sync from M365

      From here you can add M365 users.

      Sync from M365

    Add/Edit Teams

    • Select Configure to continue processing.

    • Add users
    • The required teams and the team members can be added here for 1 team multiple members can be added and the respective teams appear as Preonboarding approvers

    • Add users
    • Click on Save Button

    • Add users