• Ticket Mailbox Power Automate configuration

    Configuring Ticket Mailbox in Helpdesk 365 using Power Automate.


    1. A shared mailbox or service account mailbox (regular user mailbox) can be configured with Helpdesk 365. If it's a shared mailbox, the logged-in account should have access to it. For a service account, log in with appropriate permissions.
    2. The logged-in user must have 'send as delegate' permissions to the shared mailbox.
    3. The logged-in user should have SharePoint admin access.

      Steps to configure the Power Automate flow:

    1. Log in to portal.office.com.
    2. Select 'Admin' from the app launcher.

      My flows

    3. Navigate to Microsoft 365 admin center, and choose 'Shared mailboxes' under 'Teams & Groups.'
    4. My flows

    5. If a shared mailbox doesn't exist, click "+ Add a shared mailbox," provide the necessary details, and click "Save changes."
    6. My flows

    7. Once the shared mailbox is created, find it, choose it, and scroll down to manage mailbox permissions.
    8. My flows

    9. Provide access to all three mailbox permissions for the logged-in user.
    10. My flows

    11. Now, select 'Power Automate' from the app launcher.
    12. My flows

      Click here to download the Power Automate solution, select 'Solutions' from the left panel, and import the solution at the top by inserting the downloaded file and clicking 'Next.' Note: Do not unzip the solution file

      My flows

    13. Click 'Next' again.
    14. My flows

    15. Choose the connections for the logged-in user from the drop-down list and select 'Import.' Note: If there's no existing connection, create one by clicking 'New Connection.'
    16. My flows

      Note: If you do not have an existing connection, you can make one by clicking on New Connection.

      My flows

    17. Select the imported solution named 'HR365 Helpdesk.'
    18. My flows

    19. Under the left navigation panel, choose 'Environment variable,' click on the 'Site URL' variable, and replace the default value with your application site URL.
    20. My flows

    21. Copy the application site URL up to 'sitename' and paste it into the default value.
    22. My flows

    23. Now click 'SupportMailBoxID' under the display name, replace the default value with your shared mailbox ID (created in step 4), and click 'Save.'
    24. My flows

    25. Click 'SitePageTitle' under the display name and replace the default value with your site page title
    26. My flows

    27. Edit (HR365- -- HD SharedMailbox) the flow by clicking in vertical ellipse icon and click on edit
    28. My flows

      Click on the first row (When a new email arrives) then click on the folder icon and select the inbox folder

      My flows

      Once the inbox folder selected then save the flow by clicking on the save icon.

      My flows

      Edit the HR365 – HD External Email Trigger

      My flows

      Below screen display once click on edit ‘HR365 – HD External Email Trigger’. Click on the condition and then click on ‘Get Flow’, select the default value in the Environment dropdown, and select ‘HR365 – HD SharedMailox’ in the flow dropdown.

      My flows

    29. In the left navigation panel, go to 'Cloud flows.' Turn on the flow for 'SharedMailbox' and 'ExternalUserEmail' as shown in the image.
    30. My flows

    31. Once the flows are activated, visit the Helpdesk application, go to settings, and then to 'Helpdesk mailbox.' Click on 'Configure' and select 'Validate.' This action will display the configured mailbox.
    32. My flows

    33. Now turn on the toggle to send all emails from the Helpdesk mailbox.
    34. My flows

    35. Proceed to the ticket customization section and enable the toggle for creating tickets automatically.
    36. My flows

    37. Test the configuration by sending an email to the shared mailbox ID. For instance, Adele Vance (User) sent an email to the configured mailbox, and it was successfully converted into a ticket.
    38. My flows

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