From here, you can change the theme, column views, brand logo.



    You can select color as per your requirement and click on Save button.


    Projects While Assigning Assets

    If this is enabled, project option would display while assigning assets in pop, assets could be assigned to the users along with project.

    show projects

    WebPart Title

    Hide webpart title in sharepoint page where application is running.

    webpart title

    Column Views

    Columns could be added or arranged in the table of order from Home, Assign Assets, Return Assets, Add Assets and Asset Reports.

    column view

    1. Displaying Column to the Table - select the check boxes of fields based on your requirement and click on save icon as shown in the below image.

    2. select checkbox

    3. Arrangement of Column Orders - Drag the single field and drop it to arrange the order of columns as per your requirement, do the same for other fields and finally click on save icon as shown below.

    4. order

    Dashboard Views

    Here you can display or hide fields of the dashboard for rows. Click on Dashboard views under views Settings from side panel dashboard settings page would open.

    dashboard views

    Select the checkboxes of fields that should display in the row of the dashboard and uncheck which are not required and click on save icon as shown below.

    dashboard setting