Home Page

    In home page, you have data of Unassigned, Teams Tickets, Teams Closed, Ticket Mailbox, My Tickets, Requested by Me, and My Closed tickets.

    There are Three options in Home Page to display the tickets

    1. Classic View
    2. Kanban View
    3. Modern View

    Classic view

    • Tickets will be highlighted with the different colours on the basis of ticket Priority
    • Bell icon notification for unread tickets on the home page.


    Kanban view

    On click of this icon kanban view will be opened

    Home kanban

    You can drag and drop tickets to change the status of ticket in kanban view

    Home kanban

Modern View.

Modern View

Ticket Creation

From here, users can raise tickets for any service. To raise tickets, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the + New ticket on the Home page, this displays the new ticket page.

  • Add Ticket

    Drag and Drop

    User can attach the file(s) with the help of Drag and Drop feature

    Drag Drop

    Custom Views

    Click on Eye icon for add the custom view

    Custom View

    Now click on Add button

    Custom View

    The admin can create different views of the tabs and tables of the home page.

    Create View

    Assign tickets and update status from the home page.

    Click on Status dropdown and select one option

    Create View

    Fill the required fields. then click on submit button

    Create View

    Close ticket on behalf of ticket owner.

    Click on Status dropdown and select close option

    Create View

    Choose "Close the ticket on behalf of the ticket owner" and then proceed to click the "Submit" button.

    Create View